5 Easy Steps of buying Property in North Cyprus as a foreigner

With the rise of Covid-19 so many people have been looking to move to North Cyprus, due to its being almost covid-19 free, affordable lifestyle and 300 days of sunshine with a privilege to move freely.

For those either looking to escape, invest, or both the actual process of buying in a new country can be anxiety-inducing, especially without the proper support.

During my time working in real estate industry, and as a property lawyer I was dealing with a lot of international investors looking to purchase property in North Cyprus and they all had the same problems, doubts and questions around the buying process. As a foreigner it is so daunting buying a property from overseas. If you don’t know the right person to turn to for advice and property law perspective, accountancy, currency mitigation, visa and immigration.

With my love for all things related to real estate and 14 years of experience in the real estate industry backed up with my law firm and property consulting business we provide all kind of advice; from real estate to law and accountancy to immigration, companies setup’s etc for international buyers once they enter to North Cyprus.

We are by your side every step of the way giving the expert advice necessary for easing your transition.


Let me share our proven 5 steps system of buying property in North Cyprus as a foreigner:

  • Find the right property for you through the expert consultation
  • Sign the contract and pay minimum 30 % of the property price
  • Stamping & Registration of your contract at the Land Registration Office (Provided by our Legal Team)
  • Apply for property purchase permission (Provided by our Legal Team)
  • Get the separate title deed transferred into your name (Provided by our Legal Team)


With our professional in house services, we help you to get your residency permit as well.

Our mission really is to take out the confusion and the chaos while investing in and/or living to North Cyprus and replace it with the excitement and the joy and the ease of what it is really to move to a different country and have a completely life changing experience.

Finally as always it is a privilege to live in Northern Cyprus and we are continuing to release content that will be relevant to help everyone on the other side. As well as on www.privilegedinvestment.com and www.esalawfirm.com you will find out on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.





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