6 Investment Secrets you didn’t know about Northern Cyprus

In my previous post I wrote about lifestyle advantages of Northern Cyprus such as being a  low cost of living, affordable luxury, active and peaceful lifestyle, health system and low crime rate.

Let’s continue with  the Top reasons why Northern Cyprus is and has been over the past 25 years the best place to invest in.

As I wrote before these reasons are a combination of the natural advantages, the economical situation and the feedback of hundreds of happy buyers over the years.

Today, lets focus on investment and economical advantages such as

Top 1

Low price level on the property 

Properties in Northern Cyprus are favourable in price compared to its European / Mederterainean neighbours.  Even though Price Level of property in the Island has remained very low, however, the rental income in the Island is quite high. Еvery property on the island every day is gaining more value.

Since the importance of the island with beautifully clean  waters and incredible Mountains and Sea views will increase greatly, it is expected that  property prices will quadruple compared to today’s rates.

Top 2

Growing economy

Northern Cyprus has developed into an important financial and business centre with welcoming and supportive government policy which supports both local and foreign investors and investments with the aim of improving the business environment. With its fast growing economy North Cyprus provides a wide range of investment opportunities. The infrastructure is also developed in the location to make sure that the island is the best location for your investment.

Top 3

Guaranteed rental income 

Investing in Northern Cyprus property is a smart move for those looking for a rental property with year-round rental potential. North Cyprus has great property rental potential due to the large flow of students and tourists on the island. Over 100.000 young people study at 17 different international universities of North Cyprus, making education the leading sector of its economy. It is assumed that in the next 5-10 years the number of students will increase up to 200.000.

Top 4
Fast return on investments.

We offer some of the best investment opportunities in Northern Cyprus! We offer properties that are located in the most attractive areas of Northern Cyprus where you can get the highest possible rental income return from your investment. Investors who invest in real estate will be able to get a return on investment in about 10-12 years. As rental incomes are valued in Great British Pounds, investors continue to earn on rents as well as on the exchange rates.

Top 5

Tourism business 

Northern Cyprus is fast becoming a holiday hotspot in the Mediterranean! Due to favorable weather conditions, beautiful beaches of fine golden sands, stunning 18-hole international golf course, absolutely delicious local cuisine and friendly locals, unspoilt landscapes as well as to the increase in the number of 5-star hotels and casinos, every year more and more tourists visit Northern Cyprus, which contributes to the continuous development of the tourism business. Northern Cyprus aims to increase its popularity in the coming years and to get ahead of the leading trends in world tourism!

Top 6

Attractive Tax systems

The island has one of the most attractive tax systems in the world.  Investors can take advantage of a relatively low level of taxation.

Combining all the advantages of the island you’ll see why a North Cyprus property investment is a lot more than just buying a place in the sun!

Finally, as always it is a privilege to live in Northern Cyprus and we are continuing to release content that will be relevant to help everyone on the other side. As well as on www.privilegedinvestment.com  you will find out on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.

You can also attend to one of our Live Webinars to have more info as to the current situation and current beneficial property offers in Northern Cyprus including legal and tax advice prepared by our professionals in our team.

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