8 Reasons to Enjoy Life in Northern Cyprus

In my previous post I wrote about nature advantages of Northern Cyprus such as being a  picturesque island, favorable climate, clean sandy beaches, plenty of place to visit and unique geographical location.

I’m continuing to share with you the Top reasons why Northern Cyprus is and has been over the past 25 years the best place to invest in.

As mentioned before these reasons are a combination of the natural advantages, the economical situation and the feedback of hundreds of happy buyers over the years.

Today, lets focus on lifestyle advantages such as

Peaceful Lifestyle

The pace of life is positively glacial in Northern Cyprus when compared to the other European countries. If you’re fed up with everything hurtling along at 100 miles an hour back home, get ready to immerse yourself into a blissfully relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle. This laissez-faire attitude can take some getting used to, but you’ll find yourself becoming more zen in no time. Our culture is very family oriented and we take care of each other, our elderlies, neighbors and our children. Northern Cyprus is known for its peaceful environment. We know how to have balance in life and that is the way we live here.


Active Lifestyle 

You can literally do everything here. To give you a short introduction. If you love spending time in nature Gardening, Flowers, Bird Watching, this i s your place. Which is a beautiful way to discover more of the island, spend time in nature and walk 12km to be active. If you are more artistic, there are many Painting & Designing classes. There are many more sportive activities, we are lucky to do them all year long. You can do cycling, sailing, horseback riding, tracking and running. We have great Yoga and pilates studios here and of course many Gym’s and fitness centers. It is easy to stay healthy and active. And we are really proud of our award winning 18 hole Golf Court.


High quality of life with a Low cost of living 

The low cost of living in North Cyprus is perfectly balanced by a high standard of living in terms of climate environment and sheer peace and tranquility!

Its infrastructure, high quality of life, low crime rate, low cost of living and generous tax incentives attracts people to the island from all over the world.


Social Activity

Since we have many different nationalities and cultures living in Cyprus, many societies have been established.

There are always social events, charities, group activities, get togethers. It is very easy to make new friends and us Cypriots love foreigners and welcome them into our circles.

Together we founded the Deutsche Community and enjoy our monthly meetings very much.

It’s a great way to meet new people in a relaxed atmosphere.

Also several festivals are organized throughout North Cyprus during the year and in these festivals, traditional meals and handicrafts are introduced and sold, folk dances, theaters and concerts and music shows are performed. Festivals are considered to be most colorful events of North Cyprus.


Cypriot Cuisine

Cyprus is famous for its healthy Mediterranean cuisine because it’s a mixture of many influences. The most popular is Meze Style.

The ingredients are fresh and the island is blessed with fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. Currently we have Citrus fruit season and more Oranges, Lemons and Mandarines than we can possibly eat. All our local products are of course organic. It’s like buying at a farmers market. Cyprus is famous for its Olives, Potatoes and all kind of homemade products like Olive Oil.


Most people speak English

A combination of the island’s colonial past, a large British expat population and an excellent education system means that almost everyone you meet in Cyprus is likely to speak English, even if it’s just a few phrases. Of course, that doesn’t mean the locals won’t appreciate you learning the Turkish when you get here.


Health Care System

Very important question for everyone who wants to live here is of course: How is the Healthcare system?

For an island with a small population, we have a very high number of hospitals and several specialized clinics. In total just the north of Cyprus has 7 private hospitals and 4 public ones. As you can see very modern and every clinic employs international multilingual speaking doctors.

We have many pharmacies, some are open 24/7 and next to cheaper prices you find medication Over the counter, but also with your doctor’s prescription.

You have the choice to have an international health insurance or pay privately.

In general, we have very low prices for medical services, as an example, a full check up starts from $ 95


Low Crime Rate

Officially Northern Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world! It experiences less crime than other countries of similar size. The atmosphere in the north is very relaxed and friendly. The Turkish Cypriot people are by nature easy-going, and violent crime is very rare. Statistically North Cyprus remains one of the safest holiday destinations. A comparatively low crime rate in Cyprus and friendly people make it a desirable place to visit or live.

Finally, as always it is a privilege to live in Northern Cyprus and we are continuing to release content that will be relevant to help everyone on the other side. As well as on www.privilegedinvestment.com  you will find out on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.

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