About Us

Eylem Sakir

Founder & Senior Partner

Kyrenia, North Cyprus

+90 533 832 02 22

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Privileged Investment & Asset Management  has many years of experience in dealing with immovable property investment, investment, family offices, European Union citizenship, residency permit, investment funds, companies, holding companies, tax residency, international and local tax issues in Cyprus. Privileged Investment is successfully helping people through buying property, establishing companies, investment funds and providing all kind of sophisticated individualized tax and investment opportunities. Create a lifestyle that they desire and ensure all of the legal and fiscal sides of investment are taken care of to the highest level of service.

Privileged Investment & Asset Management helps individuals and corporate bodies in their journey investing in Cyprus and creating entities.

If you are an individual or a family looking for a holiday home in Cyprus, investing with Privileged Investment to find the perfect holiday home property will give you one of the best opportunities to produce passive income through the tourist trade and industry side in Cyprus. Not only that, but we are also partnered with an established law firm that helps all required title deeds and legal documentation, giving our investors an assurance and confidence that everything is done according to the European Law with the highest quality service and high-quality properties using top-level craftsmanship.

If you are an investor looking for high return on your investment, Privileged Investment is fully equipped to deliver the best investment opportunities backed by an all-inclusive-service to inform the investor of the critical details they need to be aware of. 

Adv. Eylem Şakir is an Award Winning International Property & Tax Lawyer, Serial Investor, Mentor and Speaker.

After working at European Commission in Europe, at KPMG in the south part of Cyprus and also in one of the leading law firms in the northern part of Cyprus, she decided to establish her own law firm and that is when she founded Eylem Şakir and Associates Law Firm. 

As an advocate in Cyprus, also known as the island of Aphrodite, which is a magical place where people find serenity and happiness  and Cyprus’ location made it, and still makes it, a very attractive place for business people and entrepreneurs, and Eylem’s huge credibility has led her to work with hundreds of companies, individuals who wanted to invest in Cyprus.

After working many years with different investment clients, Eylem started her own investment company called Privileged Investment and Asset Management Ltd. which is registered both in North and South Cyprus, where she can identify secure profitable property investment opportunities, investment funds, family offices, all kind of sophisticated company and tax structures to invest both in Cyprus.  It is her mission to help clients have peace of mind and feel their assets are protected for generations to come.