Famagusta is a port city located in the east of the island with its population over 40,920(2011). Famagusta
is the second largest city in North Cyprus after the capital Nicosia. The city was found in around 274BC
but its popularity had grown after the earthquake in Salamis; people started to move to Famagusta, as a
result, the population started to increase. Especially under the rule of Lusignans, the city had flourished,
already by the 13th century, it became a centre of commerce. However, during Ottoman rule, the city lost
its strength as Latin and greek merchants were banned from the city. Greek Cypriot moved to the area
known as Vorosha, now also known as a Ghost city. Turks adapted the city that’s why you can find a
touch of different architectural styles in the city.
The walled city is very popular as a tourist destination; it contains many unique buildings protected by the
government. It is often a venue for annual festivals such as the International Famagusta Art and Culture

At the moment the city is developing in tourism, education and construction sectors. The port regained its
importance in the TRNC and now serves as the main harbour for travel and commerce. The city is very
popular among tourists for its beautiful beaches, history, luxury hotels and vivid nightlife.

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