Kyrenia is the most popular town for holidays and, therefore, the heart of tourism in North Cyprus.
Despite that, many expats, mostly British, choose this town for their permanent place of living. Kyrenia has a well-developed infrastructure, easily-accessible public and private transportation system as well as
various ‘rent a car’ companies, comfortable road system, a big number of hospitals, universities, schools
and nursery schools. Regarding the population, Kyrenia is relatively small and consists of 20,851( 2011).
For decades, holiday makers were choosing Kyrenia as their holiday destination, starting from local
wealthy families who were coming from Nicosia to Kyrenia’s coastline. The first hotel here was built in
early 1906 and was named “ Akteon”. Since then, the town has strengthened its positions and by now has
more than 90 hotels. Nothing to wonder why Kyrenia is so popular; because of its great location between
the sea and the mountains, beautiful flora, softer climate and, of course, warm and clear water.
If you think of Kyrenia, the first thing that may come to your mind is Kyrenia castle, which is located in
Kyrenia Harbour and meant to protect the city from invasions. The castle was built by Romans in the 1st
century A.D, then later modified by Venetians in the 15th century. The castle is well-preserved and
opened for the public.
In Cyprus history and present are intertwined with each other and exist side by side. Kyrenia Harbour is
the most scenic harbour with its lovely walkway to the lighthouse on one side and authentic bars and
restaurants by the sea on the other. The atmosphere is enchanting.
In the old part of Kyrenia, you will find various gift boutiques with the most unique presents you can
imagine; many of them are hand made by locals from the local products such as olive oil soaps, olive and
jasmine creams, lamps from pumpkins or from alagadi beach branches, different kitchen utensils made of
olive wood, wooden chests, traditional leather shoes, paintings of the local artists and more. Kyrenia is a picturesque city, partly, because of its coastline location, from any point in the city you can
catch and enjoy the view of the Mediterranean sea. There are many beaches which are worth your
attention such as Escape Beach Club, Alagadi beach, Camelot Beach, Denizkizi Beach; most of the
hotels, even the smallest boutique ones, have their private beaches to guarantee your comfort on your
holidays in Cyprus.
Apart from all said above, Kyrenia has a vivid nightlife with various restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos
which will make your experience unforgettable. Maybe you would like to try something new, why don’t
you visit Meyhane? It is something between a restaurant and a pub with, traditionally, Turkish- Cypriot
music and quite often even a group of musicians will go around the tables to play live music. When you
make your order the waiter will offer you Raki, a very popular drink, give it a try. Then plates of Meyzes
will start coming more and more. It’s an interesting experience when plates come to your table non-stop,
cold appetizers, hot appetizers, main courses.

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