Nicosia is the last divided capital in Europe. The city is an administrative centre of the Turkish Republic
of North Cyprus, all the main governmental institutions are located here. Mostly populated by Turkish
Cypriots and Turkish citizens with the overall population of the city 61,378 (2011), it is the largest city in
North Cyprus.
Nicosia is remarkable for its walled city which is historically rich, that’s why it is protected by the
Turkish Cypriot Department of Antiquities. Behind its walls, you will find museums and historical sights.
If you want to get to know modern Nicosia, why don’t you visit Dereboyu region- the heart of the
business and not only that, on Dereboyu street cafes, restaurants, shops, malls, cinema, coffee shops,
galleries are in abundance.
Furthermore, Nicosia is a Head Quarter of the Turkish Cypriot State Theater and Nicosia Municipal
Theater. Nicosia Turkish Municipality even has established its Orchestra. Nicosia is a sporty city,
annually it holds a marathon for 4km, 8km and 12km, it is going throughout the city. Other events which
happen annually such as Basketball tournaments, Tennis tournaments and Nicosia Youth & Sports
Festivals, which include 22 different sports.

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