Morphou / Güzelyurt

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The town of Guzelyurt( Morphou) was found by Spartans. Now It is a town in North Cyprus with a population over 18,946 (2011) before the crisis of 1974 the population was dominated by Greek Cypriots. The district is famous for its fertile lands that’s why most of the citrus, apple and vegetables are grown there.

The town also hosts the annual Orange festival in June, always with music, traditional clothing, folk dances, plays, food stalls. It is always a colourful event. Moreover, Guzelyurt has its theatre and has it annual theatre day.

What To Visit

St Mamas’ Monastery

There are many different legends about St Mamas. One of them, which is worth mentioning is that he lived in a cave in the Guzelyurt area and was against paying taxes to Byzantines rulers. As a result, he was arrested by soldiers who had to deliver him to the government. However, on their way, they saw a lion which was attacking a lamb.

Mamas sneaked out from soldiers and saved the lamb, hopped on the lion’s back and continued the trip this way. For his bravery Mamas was exempt of taxes and it is how he got his name- St Mamas, the patron of tax avoiders. The monastery is open to visiting. The church originally of Byzantine period was modified and reconstructed many times, now it is the Icon museum, the icons are of Lusignans, Venetian periods. In total 14 churches in Cyprus are dedicated to St Mamas.

Museum Of Nature And Archaeology

The museum is located close to St Mamas’ Monastery. The museum is divided into two sections the 1 section exhibits stuffed animals distinguishing for north Cyprus. The 2nd section represents findings from excavations in north Cyprus in the area.

Maronite Village- Koracam/ Ayios Georgious Maronite Church

The first settlement of Maronites came to the island in the 7th century. Koracam is the last Marnoite’s village in North Cyprus with a population of approximately 150 people. Most of the Maronites moved to South Cyprus after the 1974 crisis.

What To Visit

MORPHOU a colorful city of History

Mavi Köşk/ Blue House

It is a famous villa of not less famous Byron Pavlides, Greek Cypriot from origins, a lawyer who was born in Italy. The house is accessible for the public but located in a military controlled area, that’s why you will need a passport or ID with you to be allowed to pass. Common beliefs are that Byron was a gun smuggler, involved to Italian mafia (what later caused his death), he also was a lawyer of Archbishop Makarios. Mavi Kosk is a two-story building and was built in 1957 Every room, guest rooms, had a dedicated colour as well as the table cloths in the dining room, so the guests knew where they would sit. Furthermore, the house has several secret tunnels leading from it; earthquakes proved rooms; a system of air conditioning, which is a big exception during that time. Mavi Kosk is not a common historical sight or tourist destination but it doesn’t make it less valuable orless interesting.

Surfing/ Kitesurfing

Because of its favourable wind coming from the sea side to the island, North Cyprus is an ideal place for Surfing and, especially, Kitesurfing. ‘Heaven Surf House’ is the 1st Kitesirfing located in Guzelyurt Bey. The qualified instructors teach beginners as well as advanced surfers.


Street Cafe & Bar A Bar

Tumba Tu Skuru

Tumba Tu Skuru is the remains of another ancient city in North Cyprus; the city was built in the Bronze Age. Before the war of 1974, Tumba Tu Skuru was under several excavations, however, because of thepolitical situation, everything was stopped. Some of the findings are exhibited in the Archaeological museum in Guzelyurt.

Turtle Watching

You have this unique opportunity to see little adorable sea turtles. Why would you like it? Waiting by the sea at some evening hour with a crowd of strangers. Well, you don’t want to miss your lifetime opportunity to look at babies of two endangered species of sea turtles green and loggerhead; they come to the island to lay their eggs after a mating period. In July baby turtles start to dig and crawl out of the nests, mostly with help of volunteers SPOT (the Society for the Protection of Turtles in North Cyprus), unhatched eggs are going to incubators for extra care and later will be released to the Mediterranean waters. Turtles’ nests on sandy beaches in Karshiyaka, Alagadi, Turtle beach. Any willing person can be part of this miraculous event you even might have a chance to hold a baby turtle gently on your palm; and of course, support is gladly accepted by the organization but not a must.


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