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Nicosia is the last divided capital in Europe. The city is an administrative centre of the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, all the main governmental institutions are located here. Mostly populated by Turkish Cypriots and Turkish citizens with the overall population of the city 61,378 (2011), it is the largest city in North Cyprus.

Nicosia is remarkable for its walled city which is historically rich, that’s why it is protected by the Turkish Cypriot Department of Antiquities. Behind its walls, you will find museums and historical sights. If you want to get to know modern Nicosia, why don’t you visit Dereboyu region- the heart of the business and not only that, on Dereboyu street cafes, restaurants, shops, malls, cinema, coffee shops, galleries are in abundance.

Furthermore, Nicosia is a Head Quarter of the Turkish Cypriot State Theater and Nicosia Municipal Theater. Nicosia Turkish Municipality even has established its Orchestra. Nicosia is a sporty city, annually it holds a marathon for 4km, 8km and 12km, it is going throughout the city. Other events which happen annually such as Basketball tournaments, Tennis tournaments and Nicosia Youth & Sports Festivals, which include 22 different sports.

What To Visit

Walled City

The walled city on its own is a historical site, you can enter it from the side of Girne Kapı, you will see many museums alongside, while walking to the heart of the old city, for example, a museum dedicated to Dr Fazil Kucuk the first vice president of the Republic of Cyprus, Selimiye Mosque, Buyuk Han…

Here you will also find sweetest little cafes and bookshops, restaurants. The walled city is an authentic place where modern life meets ancient history.

The Museum Dedicated To Dr. Fazil Kucuk

Dr. Fazil Kucuk started his career as a doctor but became one of the important figures in the Cyprus Question. He was the first Vice President after the decolonisation of the island and establishment of the Republic of Cyprus. He had a great passion to protect the rights and liberties of Turkish Cypriots.

Selimiye Mosque

Also known as Cathedral of Saint Sophia, former Roman Catholic Cathedral. It is the oldest Gothic cathedral, its building had been started approximately in 1209. The Gothic style was influenced by Notre Dame de Paris. In 1570, after Ottomans came to the island the Cathedral was converted into a mosque two minarets were added and other Islamic attributes.

Activities In

Nicosia a colorful city of History

Büyük Han - The Great Inn

The Great Inn was built in the 16th century under regulations of Muzaffer Pasha, its main purpose was to serve as an inn to its guests, however, during British rule in Cyprus, the inn was used as a prison. Nowadays, the rooms of the Great Inn are used as workshops and souvenir shops. There you can buy local handmade products and have lunch in the country yard.

Art Galleries

If you are coming as a family, you shall not be worried that kids will get bored. For water fun, you could visit water slides in Acapulco hotel, Lapethos Aqua Park, or Oscar Resort Hotel. Another joyful amusement is Funky Monkey Kids Club, it’s a massive playground, which offers various activities for your kids (https://funkymonkeykidsclub.com/). Just along the road, you will see a cinema theatre “Starlux cinema”, recently opened, it follows the highest standards, various halls starting from regular ones finishing with the VIP class, and, of course, children playground with professional teachers and animators.


More extreme? Love speed? Another great activity we have chosen for you is go-karting centres. Zet karting and Tazkarts Both were built to meet international standards. Zet karting circuits have an option for child or adult Karts with different maximum speed. The length of the track is 1200 meters, Zet go-karting also offers karting classes with instructors. The karting centres have all the needed facilities for a complete family day out, so don’t be afraid to get hungry after the adrenaline kicks up, they have cafes!

Haydarpasha Mosque

Haydarpasha Mosque is another sacred religious building which was converted. The original name is the Church of St Catherine, it was built in Gothic style in the 14th century by Lusiagns. Nowadays it is used for exhibitions..

St. Hilarion Castle

Located in the Kyrenia Mountains between Kyrenia and Nicosia. One of the best-preserved castles in the TRNC, one of the three strongholds: St Hilarion, Kantara, Buffavento. Starting from the 10th century a monastery and church were built by Byzantines, later modified and used as a watchtower in order to defend the island from pirates. With the Lusignan period other modifications took place and even now you can notice the Gothic style of the castle from that period, during the Lusignans rule the castle was used as a summer residence. And again it was reconstructed in the 15th century by Venetians. The castle is a museum now and opened to the public, you will have to take a lot of stairs to reach the castle. That's why make sure to wear comfortable shoes, but the views from the top of the castle are breathtaking, you won’t regret climbing that high.


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