Why should buying a property and living in North Cyprus should be your retirement plan?

Let us tell you why.

North Cyprus is a wonderful, secure and unlike other places, Cyprus have a warm climate with 300 to 340 sunny days a year. Which means you can enjoy your days more effective and active than right now. For this reason, many people living in cold countries prefer to settle in Northern Cyprus.
We are sure you already know about our beaches, culturally rich and diverse lifestyle ( if you didn’t know, yes we are boasting about those, our beaches are long, gold and sandy, our culture have desirable cuisine full of mouth-watering food). Besides, North Cyprus is very safe with the incredibly low crime rate and it is filled with worlds friendliest people. This means that when you choose to live here, you will not feel left out because you will have a chance to meet with other international communities living in North Cyprus as an example Deutsche Community (German people living in Cyprus) or Russian Community.
You will not only buy a property moreover you will also invest in your lifestyle quality. You will be living an endless seven-star holiday in North Cyprus. Take a moment and think about these, you are at your affordable holiday home by the beach, you open your curtains and see the beautiful, glistening Mediterranean Sea that makes you want to dive deep in it. You will have a big terrace where you can have your breakfast with a nice warm breeze carrying the smell of the sea. You would have more options to be socially active, you can go for Tennis, Golfing, Swimming, or you can treat yourself with a nice SPA day. You do not need to go long distances for these activities they are right outside your door.

Another reason to live in North Cyprus, you would be living in a place that has short distances and availability to travel Internationally. Your overseas retirement plan will be easy to adapt, a new desirable lifestyle with a reasonable cost of living and senior living facilities. For an easy and comfortable retirement life in North Cyprus, you will need around 1.000 Euro per month for basic living expenses. In addition to living a luxurious lifestyle at such an affordable price, the property prices in North Cyprus are very affordable. Cyprus is a small country but, the public or private healthcare systems are excellent and affordable. In addition to hospitals, there are many pharmacies that you can find easily wherever you go and prescriptions of the doctor you have in your country are acceptable in pharmacies in North Cyprus.

After such a long and tiring year, your retirement life would be more luxurious, and it will not strain your budget in North Cyprus.

Thankfully Privileged Investment can provide all these for you.

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