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CYPRUS: A convergence of the famed triad continents: the alluring crystal blue of the Mediterranean, the culturally-rich Asia, and the bold and regal Europe, Cyprus indeed is the ultimate must-see for tourists and foreigners and renowned for its flourishing real estate industry for investment and simply for just a myriad of why-not.

Cyprus is strategically located in the heart of, and somehow for, the vibrant economy of the three continents; the closest door of the Western Europe and the not-so-far Far East with the Arab World nearby that Cyprus pranced hand-in-hand with thus creating a cosmic pool of endless businesses for the international and local trades but amidst the hurly-burly also lies the subdued breathtaking bounty of nature, ready for the taking.

10 Reasons Why To Invest in North Cyprus:

Cyprus real estate represents an outstanding potential to foreign purchasers wishing to invest in a sought after overseas location.

Cyprus is the third largest and third most populous island in the Mediterranean that offers a favorable and non-discriminatory business environment to both local and foreign investors. There are plenty of advantages to invest in North Cyprus.

  • Unique geographical location

Cyprus is one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean with a privileged and strategic location in the middle of three continents – namely Africa, Asia, and Europe – offering a gateway to the Middle East.

  • Favorable climates

Cyprus has one of the warmest climates in the Mediterranean with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. Island’s favorable climate gives an opportunity to live and enjoy your holiday all year round. Locals try to reap the full benefits afforded by the ideal type of climate on the island. Most North Cyprus homes have solar panels not only to heat their water but also to provide electricity to power the home.

  • Growing economy

Cyprus has developed into an important financial and business center with a welcoming and supportive government policy that supports both local and foreign investors and investments with the aim of improving the business environment. With its fast-growing economy North Cyprus provides a wide range of investment opportunities. The infrastructure is also developed in the location to make sure that the island is the best location for your investment.

  • Guaranteed rental income

Investing in North Cyprus property is a smart move for those looking for a rental property with year-round rental potential. North Cyprus has great property rental potential due to the large flow of students and tourists on the island. Over 100.000 young people study at 17 different international universities of North Cyprus, making education the leading sector of its economy. It is assumed that in the next 5-10 years the number of students will increase up to 200.000.

  • Fast return investments.

We offer some of the best investment opportunities in North Cyprus! We offer properties that are located in the most attractive areas of North Cyprus where you can get the highest possible rental income return from your investment. Investors who invest in real estate will be able to get a return on investment in about 10-12 years. As rental incomes are valued in Great British Pounds, investors continue to earn on rents as well as on the exchange rates.

  • Tourism business

North Cyprus is fast becoming a holiday hotspot in the Mediterranean! Due to favorable weather conditions, beautiful beaches of fine golden sands, stunning 18-hole international golf course, absolutely delicious local cuisine and friendly locals, unspoilt landscapes as well as to the increase in the number of 5-star hotels and casinos, every year more and more tourists visit Northern Cyprus, which contributes to the continuous development of the tourism business. North Cyprus aims to increase its popularity in the coming years and to get ahead of the leading trends in world tourism!

  • Low Crime Rate

Officially North Cyprus is one of the safest countries in the world! It experiences less crime than other countries of similar size. The atmosphere in the north is very relaxed and friendly. The Turkish Cypriot people are by nature easy-going, and violent crime is very rare. Statistically, North Cyprus remains one of the safest holiday destinations. A comparatively low crime rate in Cyprus and friendly people make it a desirable place to visit or live.

  • Attractive Tax systems

The island has one of the most attractive tax systems in the world. Investors can take advantage of a relatively low level of taxation.

  • The low price level on the property

Properties in North Cyprus are favorable in price compared to its European / Mederterainean neighbors. Even though the Price Level of property in the Island has remained very low, however, the rental income in the Island is quite high. Еvery property on the island every day is gaining more value.

Considering the high potential of Northern Cyprus joining the European Union, this country is of great interest to those who are interested in making investments. Since the importance of the island with beautifully clean waters and incredible Mountains and Sea views will increase greatly, it is expected that property prices will quadruple compared to today’s rates.

  • High quality of life with a low cost of living

The low cost of living in North Cyprus is perfectly balanced by a high standard of living in terms of climate, environment and sheer peace and tranquillity!

Its infrastructure, high quality of life, low crime rate, low cost of living and generous tax incentives attracts people to the island from all over the world.