Do you want to unlock your potentials of a high paying revenue stream that will give you more freedom in doing the things that you love and have more fun not only meeting people but potentially helping them earn at the same time?

If you are looking for ways to seriously earn more and be your own boss where you can take a vacation without having to worry about not earning much… You are in the right place!

Privileged Investment is perfect for you!

Do not ever doubt your capabilities of becoming a highly effective and sought after Privileged Investment Agent. You will have to put a fair bit of hard work and perseverance to get to that point. To put it straight, how much you earn is directly proportional to how much hard work you put in. The Privileged Agent Opportunity is the only Northern Cyprus property investment opportunity that allows agents and property professionals to create an income revenue stream through the referral sales of premium and secure holiday homes.

With the unique support and the fact that Privileged Investment is backed by a professional and an award-winning law firm, Eylem Sakir & Associates, you can never go wrong as you have all the necessary professional training, support, system, and network. We will help you excel in your career as a Privileged Investment Agent and grow your business.

Your Benefits As A Privileged Investment Agent

From Catalkoy to Kayalar, if you need to speak with us but are ill or unfit to travel then we can come visit you at your home in North Cyprus. Just call us and we will set up a free no obligation appointment to suit you at your preferred location.

Email us at info@azantinsurance.com or call an English speaking member of staff on 0090 533 8333 0841 or call a Turkish speaking member of staff on 0090 533 829 3231.


It’s Pretty Simple!
You refer a qualified lead to us, the lead attends one of our Cyprus property tours and we’ll take them to the property presentation. The lead then chooses a property to invest with a successful contract to be completed. And that is how you earn sales commissions of 4% of the total sales value!

Güçlü Marka
As a unique investment property company backed by an established law firm that helps to put in place all required title deeds and documentation- an overseas investor needs to be aware of for European law.

Professional Corporate Culture & Professional Network

Career And Training



Vision & Values