It is our privilege to share this opportunity with you which will commence in a 4nights- 5days tour. This includes 5-star hotel accommodation in Kyrenia, with a well-prepared sumptuous breakfast, lunches, and dinners.

If you want to be adventurous and would like to try the local cuisine Meze, Seafood or Kebabs, by no means, just say the word. Not to worry about your transfers from airport to hotel, vis-à-vis, this will be taken care of with ease. The property tour is also the most sought after with prime locations in Kyrenia, Esentepe, Iskele and more. To top it all, all legal consultation is also provided.

We will not only assist you in your buying journey but we will surely make it a memorable one as we take you by the hand.

Here Is What You Get From The Privileged Property Tour

1. 4 Nights And 5 Days Of Accommodationin A Luxurious 5 Star Hotel!

2. Airport Transfers Which Includes: Pick Up From Ercan International Airport (ECN)

3. You Will Be Taken Straight To Your Accommodation Without The Stress Of Hiring A Taxi Or Finding Your Way To The Destination

4. Transfer To Your Visit To Cyprus And Returning Home

5. You’ll Get To Try And Taste The Mouth-Watering Local Cuisine Meze, Seafoods And Kebabs

6. Property Tour

7. Prime Locations For The Best Opportunities. We Work With The Best Construction Companies That Offer The Highest Level Of Workmanship And Value.

8. City Tour

9. You Will Get To Discover The Key Locations In Cyprus And You’ll Get To Travel By An Exclusive Transport.

10. Be Ready To Be Blown Away With The Vibrant Destinations As Your Eyes Get To Unfold The Exquisite Charm Of The Local Stylish Buildings And The Exotic Mediterranean Landscapes Of This Beautiful Island.

11. Legal Consultation

12. General Property Purchase Guidance In Cyprus

13. How To Gain A Residence Permit And Citizenship

14. What You Need To Know About Taxes And Company Incorporation

15. As We Are Backed The Experienced And Award Winning – Eylem Sakir & Associates Law Firm

16. €550 per person