Real Estate for the age of 55+

Why should buying a property and living in North Cyprus should be your retirement plan?

Let us tell you why. North Cyprus is a wonderful, secure and unlike other places, Cyprus have a warm climate with 300 to 340 sunny days a year. Which means you can enjoy your days more effective and active than right now. For this reason, many people living in cold countries prefer to settle in Northern Cyprus. We are sure you already know about our beaches, culturally rich and diverse lifestyle ( if you...

The New Lifestyle for Baby Boomers Generation

About Privileged 55+  Privileged Estates & Investments Company has a team of real estate professions which have a new goal on the specific real estate needs of clients who are 55 and older. The concept of Privileged 55+ contains people with the age of 55 or older that wants to live in a precious sunny island North Cyprus with a variety of amenities that cater to the residents. It is for...

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