What Forbes Magazine says about North Cyprus and why it’s true!

Northern Cyprus has just been announced as one of the 5 best Beachfront buys in 2021 by Forbes Magazine!

And Forbes is absolutely right! It makes me proud to see my home island being recognized as what it is:

A fantastic location to invest in your holiday home close to the beach.

I‘m happy to share with you the Top reasons why Northern Cyprus is and has been over the past 25 years the best place to invest in.

These reasons are a combination of the natural advantages, the economical situation and the feedback of hundreds of happy buyers over the years.

Today, lets focus on natural advantages such as


A Picturesque Island

Mountains and the ocean, the typical Mediterranean styled houses, the famous colorful authentic Cyprus doors, wild animal life like turtles, free ranged donkeys, birds and many more. The historic harbor of Kyrenia, why it’s also called “The St. Tropez of the Mediterranean” and as a contrast to the 11 Thousand years old history, the super modern buildings and developments.


Favorable Climate & Untouched Beaches

Two of the island’s greatest benefits are its amazing beaches and sun. Due to Cyprus’ location, the climate is very Mediterranean, which means mild winter and hot summer. Because we are so close to the sea, we mostly have a nice wind going on.

The average temperature are during the summer season, which is from June till September is 30 degrees. During the winter season which is from December till February, it’s an average of 13 degrees.   This kind of climate is ideal if you like to be active and enjoy outside activities all year long. Beaches are unspoiled with golden sand and a completely solace for the soul.


Plenty of space for a small island

The third largest island in the Mediterranean might not be known for its size, but space certainly isn’t an issue on Northern Cyprus. Its mountainous interior and stunning coast combine to concentrate population into its six main cities: Nicosia, Kyrenia, Famagusta, Iskele, Lefke, Guzelyurt. This leaves plenty of elbowroom elsewhere in the country to relax in, despite being just 1,295 square miles in size. You can drive from one side of the island to the other in less than an hour and a half, but even when the tourists arrive in summer, you can easily find peace and tranquility just a short drive inland from the coast.


Cyprus’s Unique Geographical Location

Cyprus has a truly unique location. Located in the middle of three continents: Afrika, Europe, and Asia and as a gateway to the middle east.

Finally, as always it is a privilege to live in Northern Cyprus and we are continuing to release content that will be relevant to help everyone on the other side. As well as on www.privilegedinvestment.com  you will find out on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin.

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